Welcome To Pepper Eve Calligraphy

Hi! My name’s Stephanie and I am the calligrapher that creates everything at Pepper Eve. I have a love for all things handwritten and want to help take some of the mass production out of the wedding industry. Why should you have to buy the same templates that are available to everyone, created by people who do not put their heart into your wedding? Just like you have, I put my heart into what I create for you. Each item created has a story and that is what I love the most. That story, starts with you and what you dream of. ┬áIt is something unique and personal that reflects you.

The events that matter the most in life are those which you and your loved ones will cherish forever: Weddings, engagements, christenings, milestone birthdays and anniversaries.

Adding small, delicate, personal touches to an event ensures your guests feel valued and loved. It shows that you have taken the time to truly include your guests in your special day!

Each item is carefully crafted and the process of calligraphy is slow and precise. For this reason, no two items are identical which is what makes it so unique.

For Your Special Day