Envelope Addressing


The gorgeous detail in the thin and thick strokes of calligraphy are admired by all. I offer both modern and my take on classic copperplate calligraphy. Both options are shown in the photos above.

If you’ve sourced envelopes please plan for 20% extra to cover paper damage, ink mishaps and a trial envelope for ink testing. Not all inks pair well with particular papers so it is essential I have extra to ensure that each and every envelope is perfect for your guests. If you need assistance in finding suppliers, I have samples to show and my favourite suppliers to recommend!

For weddings, the more notice the better! If you have sent a save the date, 6-8 weeks is advised to send formal invitations. If you have not sent a save the date card, we’d suggest sending invitations 3-4 months prior. I can letter approximately 50 envelopes per week, so if you require 200 envelopes, I will need 4 weeks to address the envelopes. This time frame needs to be factored in when organising your invitations.

Guest Lists
Please ensure you provide your guest list in a word or excel document. I will address your envelopes exactly as they are written so be sure to check spelling. I will write them as is so please be consistent with formatting. Example formats are as follows:

Mr and Mrs Patterson, 101 Wellington Parade, Melbourne, 3000

Mr & Mrs Patterson, 101 Wellington Parade, Melbourne, 3000

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Patterson
101 Wellington Parade

Pepper Eve holds no responsibility for your typing errors, so please keep a copy of your original file. We will not add titles (Mr & Mrs.) or suffixes – unless they are included in the spreadsheet entered by you. Occasionally our addressing system can read certain characters of your file incorrectly, please be sure you have your list formatted *EXACTLY* like our examples. Any errors or ommisions made by Pepper Eve will be corrected immediately and extra stock sourced if need be.