Seating charts are not only a practical necessity for larger weddings to help your loved ones find their seat but are fast becoming a major style piece!



We offer 2 main style options for any seating chart display. Depending on the number of guests, table format and style of display you are looking for, each and every seating chart is fully customised.

  • Table number

This is a popular option for larger receptions where there are multiple tables of similar numbers eg. Tables of 8 or 10.

  • Alphabetical order

This option is recommended for weddings with over 150 guests. This way your guests can find their name easily and get inside and grab a drink!


Unfortunately we do not have space to store or rent out mirrors for your wedding. Mirrors are generally supplied by the client. This is the perfect reason to buy a new one for your house, then once you clean off the writing, it becomes a keepsake. Alternatively, you can provide us with one you or a family member own and save yourself money hiring one. We will assist with sizing required so that your final chart looks balanced and beautiful.

Other surfaces

Wood, foam-core board (card) or tile can be sourced for you depending on the size you need.

As every seating chart is custom, contact via email at with your idea and we will assist you in making the idea come to life.